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For builders, real estate agents, automobile dealers, lawyers, financiers or anyone that trade on term.

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(Note: This is a hard translation only for reference. It's doubtful that this Brazilian specialized system can be used in another country.)

The CPAP® is advanced software for Windows® programmed in Microsoft VBA, Visual Basic for Application, that turns enough easy value updates and payment plans on term calculations.

It has a number of modules that propose to perform main financial calculations relating with payments on term, doing and emitting payment plans, payment updates, receipts, promissory notes, price tables, contracts, contract accompaniments with emission of accounts receivable reports etc.

Although it is an omnibus system, its initial and basic target, included into its Payment Plan Module, is to be a friendly and secure interface to sale on term by any layman user in Financial Mathematics, mounting simple or complex payment plans, with short or long term, face to face with the customer.

Above all it is a tool for value updates, for sale department or stand, and for finance department.
See, in the folder, the item Main Features of CPAP®

In its complete setting, it is a sophisticate and flexible financial manager specialized in payment plan on term, making possible a complete contract accompaniment, emitting receipted account and account receivable reports, cash flow etc. Its reports can be global or by product group, by job, by company, by enterprise, by building etc.


The fascinating of the Module for Emission of Contracts is that, starting from templates previously set and saved by proper user, the contract emission is totally automatic. Thus, mounted the payment plan and filled the customer's cadaster in the Module of Payments Plans, the contract can be emitted in seconds. All this in front of the customer.

Financial Mathematics
Financial Manager
Economic Engineering
Legal Contract Edition
Table of Price Edition


If you already have financial manager software, improve it by integrating the CPAP. If you do not have this program type yet, see what the CPAP can do for you. More details in CPAP x Financial Managers


To sell on easy terms a real estate having a present value of $ 80,000.00 with $ 20,000.00 of entrance, 4 half yearly payments of $ 5,000.00 and the remainder divided in 24 monthly payments, being the 12 last payments 20% upper 12 first ones. Monthly rate of 1.0%. And, when due of half yearly payments, must not there be due date of monthly ones.

Take up the challenge and try to assemble this plan with your financial calculator, on your electronic sheet or on any other alike soft. Send a email to communicating monthly payments values, the total on term and how much time take to do all calculations.

Lingered? Complex? Impossible? Not! On the CPAP®, this can be made in seconds till for a layman in Financial Mathematics in the front of the customer.

On the CPAP®, you will still have the possible to print well explanatory reports, to emit automatically receipts, the contract, promissory notes, to do the accompaniment of engaged payments with application of mulct and delinquent tax or discount of opportunity tax for anticipated payment or payments or for assembly the debt in a new plan etc.


Taking less than 3 (three) minutes, how you can do in the CPAP®, try to implement and calculate the internal rate of return in the following payment plan:

The plan has a present value of $ 130,000.00 with $ 25,287.66 of entrance, 6 half yearly payments of $ 5,000.00 and 60 due date of month, being 20 of $ 1,800.00, 20 of $ 2,300.00 and 20 last of $ 2,900.00. And, when due of half yearly payments, must not there be due date of month.


b New on Version 15.0

b New on Version 14.0

b New on Version 12.0

b Interface in Excel 2007, 10, 13, and 16


b Basic Informations

b CPAP x Fin. Managers

b Folder

Fluxograma dos módulos

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bFor Builders

bFor Estate Agents

bFor Automobile Sellers

bFor Storekeepers

bFor Lawyers and Similars



bModule of update values

bModule of Payment Plans
   bPayment plans
   bNormal update values
   Table of monthly rates
   Assembling price tables
   Sheet of amortization

bModule for emission of contracts

bModule for accompaniments of contracts
   Calculation of residue and values for the next period

bModule of accounts receivable

MENUS (animated GIFs)

bMenu of Update Values Module

bMenu of Payment Plans Module

bMenu of Contracts Emission Module

bMenu of Contracts Accompaniment Module

bMenu of Accounts Receivable Module


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